About Us

Who we are

We are a group of automotive petrolhead enthusiasts that generally like to modify/upgrade cars and motorbikes. There is a specific type of love for a vehicle that some people encounter and we have quite a lot of it for our vehicles. Some people love washing and cleaning their cars almost every day, some love adding little trim pieces to make them look better and unique, others, more advanced owners, love modifying them to perform better, may it be economical, electrical or mechanical performance.

How we started

All of us like beautiful cars since we were little, but only some of us discovered a passion for vehicles only after we purchased our first vehicle. It was like a different world we stepped in – automotive engineering at its perfection. This is when we learned that vehicles are like a big LEGO collection in child’s world. Some pieces can be changed to acquire a unique look or performance. This was just brilliant!
Modern day automotive world, especially social world, is even more active than 10 years ago. There is so much information available all over the world and, most importantly, it is accessible to anybody. So many websites on automotive brands, forums and chat rooms to choose from. That is how we got involved in sharing our ideas, pictures, videos and projects with other enthusiasts. This led to even more learning and getting experienced in everything that our hands could get on. Eventually, we started giving advices and teaching other new amateur enthusiasts how to work around the car. That is how our group members met each other, through helping each other on regular basis. Our vehicles made us friends!


What we offer

As a group of petrolhead enthusiast, we offer our parts and services to all the people of the world. We sell and ship our items all over the world. We do not want to let anybody down. We still love sharing ideas, giving advices and answering questions on automotive subject.
We are always interested in new ideas, parts and projects and there is always something that we are busy with. If you want to discuss a manufacturing of custom parts, building a custom project or simply looking for a new business partner, please do not hesitate to contact us through Contact Us, Email or Affiliate program forms.


Our business motto

Our business motto is to help and treat everyone as you would your friend.